Marches For Gaia?

The mainstream media hath solemnly declared that it is time to re-litigate the serious issue of racial inequality. If I am to take what Black Lives Matter is saying on its face, there has been little to no progress made on this front over the past 500 years. It’s almost as if human beings are aggressive, territorial primates, not unlike our (common) biological ancestors.

At its core, this is a matter of how we treat our brothers and sisters on this planet. How can humanity expect to mindfully address racial inequality when we have yet to take action against the forces of ignorance and industry that continue to decimate the natural systems that all humans directly depend on to live? Where are the marches in cities worldwide to demand clean water, air and healthy food for our children? Where is the outrage for the extraordinary loss of biodiversity occurring on our watch?

If we do not rectify our relationship with our mother, we will not be able to holistically approach the complex and daunting issues related to the treatment of our brothers and sisters. After all, will it matter much to our children’s children that we somehow managed to achieve racial equality if there is not a habitable planet for them to live on?

Don’t take your eye off the ball, folks. Reinforcing a binary reality will only serve to further divide. Embracing the concept of non-duality is crucial in our struggle to protect our home from destruction.

Frederick Robinson