Damned Cheapskate Cyclists!

Thank you, Karen Cross (“Don’t yell, get a bell,” Letters 5/28). In my lifetime I have been a pedestrian, a bicyclist, a motorcyclist and a car driver, so I have all of those perspectives. Currently my wife and I live very close to the west bank bike path and enjoy afternoon bike rides along the Willamette River. I am amused, on a good day, and often irritated by the number of times that I have had a bike rider, on an expensive racing bike, clad in several hundred dollars worth of Spandex and carbon fiber riding gear, pass very near me from the rear at high speed, and apparently is too broke and/or inconsiderate of others to spend $5 on a bike bell.

And while I’m waxing curmudgeonly, slow down lads. It’s a bike and foot path, not a freeway.

Edgar Darwin


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