Virtual BINGO Night

Empowerment, education and support for girls has been Ophelia’s Place’s calling card for the past 15 years, and this year, with everything now virtual, the mission statement has taken on a greater significance. “We’ve all been teenagers,” Teri Conklin, marketing director at Ophelia’s Place, says. “It’s not easy, especially now. We provide a safe place for all girls.” To help girls  continue to connect online for drop-in gatherings, workshops and therapy appointments, the nonprofit is hosting Ophelia’s Place Virtual BINGO Night. Like other organizations, Ophelia’s Place was caught off-guard at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Soon, though, Ophelia’s Place had re-evaluated its programs and was up and running online to sustain its efforts, as Conklin says, to have girls see “the best version of themselves.” Ophelia’s Place was founded in Eugene and has a branch in Junction City. Conklin notes that the nonprofit hopes to open a third branch in Albany in 2021.    

Ophelia’s Place Virtual BINGO Night, a fundraiser, is 6:30 pm Thursday, July 16. More information can be found at $5 per card ($20 minimum) with a $250 grand prize. Cards are purchased in groups of four games or eight games.