The Left Rewards Bad Behavior 

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” uttered by George Santayana, an Italian who lived from 1863-1952. How true those words were then and are today.

How can we remember the past when many of us are not even taught it? Actually many of us and those who want better treatment from “Law & Order” have lived it. Twenty-nine years ago, Rodney King was mistreated by systemic racism. In a city that is controlled by which political party? The riots in August of ’68, fifty-two years ago in Chicago, a city controlled by Democrats for nearly a century or better.

Four hundred twenty-four shootings in June 2020 alone, of which, the majority being done by the lives that matter to lives that matter. So which lives matter, really matter? In a city that is controlled by Democrats of which is mostly occupied entirely by lives that matter. As are the majority of all the cities in America that have seen an increase in murder and mayhem.

The left seems to reward bad behavior and are surprised when they get more bad behavior. So we as voters have been voting for those that claim they are going to make things better. Do things get better? No, 52 years later, we still have systematic racism as proclaimed by mayors and governors of those cities and states. 

Jim Selby 


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