Bad Timing

After months of sheltering in place and limiting oneself to only going out for groceries or a much needed walk, imagine my distress at learning that Amazon Park, where I go almost daily, will be closed down for construction from now until sometime in September. I called a very nice fellow over at Parks and Rec, Rex Redmon, who explained to me why this work can only be done during this time of year before the onset of the rainy season. Apparently the running trail will be completely resurfaced and, to get the necessary equipment in for this work, public access must be prohibited and temporary fencing installed.

Although I inquired whether there had been any community discussion about this, and was told that there had been, as a homeowner in the southwest hills, I was never made aware of it. Many seniors such as myself rely on this trail as our only place to both exercise and be in nature, and the alternatives, such as Amazon East, which is bordered on both sides by auto traffic, are not as enjoyable.

While I appreciate that this wetland is a protected area with its woods and meadows and rare plant species, and the trail itself needs upgrades, I’m only questioning the timing. Why when people are enduring such restrictions in their normal activities, has this work been authorized? It seems heartless. Couldn’t it have waited another season or even another year?

Why now?

Deborah Forbes


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