History Matters

In response to Jim Selby’s letter (dog whistle) in last week’s edition (“The Left Rewards Bad Behavior,” Letters 7-23), in short, he states that Democrats and African Americans seem to be the problem in the larger cities of this country. Their people of color and seemingly un-American governors seem to be what’s wrong with America. He also asks, “How can we remember the past when many of us are not even taught it?”

In short, he’s right. People like Selby should get educated in the “real history” of America, as so much of America needs to do with him. You know, the history that he and many others continue to deny? The real history of Columbus, the real history of the Civil War, Black Wall Street, Jim Crow, 1968, etc. and why the Black Lives Matter movement even needs to exist! Hey, if we address our real history, admit it, and actually make the past due corrections and social changes that most people want 52 years later, we may even solve everything else he was blaming his fellow Americans for, in these so called United States.

Mike Nicholsen


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