Let’s Put An End To Bike Theft

Regarding the letter to the editor (7-23), “When Will The City Help The Homeless?

I’ve lived here for four years, and from what I have read and seen, it seems that Eugene has a lot going on and more planned in addressing homelessness. 

I hand out pop-top canned goods in honor of my cousin Jimmie. He was an alcoholic and died in the Salvation Army in Detroit. There were plenty of reasons to cast Jimmie off as hopeless. He stole from his own mother, but we always found goodness in him.

However, in Eugene, the one thing I find hard to get past is the brazen bicycle parts black market. On a recent day, bicycle wheels and parts were all on display at an encampment along 13th Avenue. 

It really gets to me when I see someone on a bicycle carrying a child’s bicycle on their back. I don’t know if there is an answer to bike theft, but has an attempt been made? 

Keith S. Kraus