Snowflakes Deserve A Full Tilde

In response to David Stone’s emotional rant (“I’m a Free Man!” Letters, 7-16):

I completely understand your angst at being controlled by a government led by a bunch of whack-jobs~

However, I thought I would take the time to inform you that at a recent writers’ group, a young editor announced to the attendees that the use of a period at the end of a sentence was too harsh, and we should consider using tildes instead~

As an English major, avid reader and creative writer, my mouth dropped open~ I looked at her and replied, “A period?!! Why not try having eight babies and then lose custody of them through the Lane County Courthouse Corruption Mill if you think a period is too harsh! What about ellipsis…? What about exclamation marks?!!!!!!!!!!!”

I think most people I meet are snowflakes these days who will melt over anything~

As a life-long community member of Lane County, I’ve been put in spin-outs by drivers who have ran red lights and ended up in a crosswalk on a one way road facing the wrong way~ I’ve been traumatized by drivers who have accidentally driven me down one-way streets~ I’ve even been tackled to the pavement by a stranger on drugs looking for a random victim to punch to death~

Good grief! Embracing satire sure helps!…

Lorrance Herring


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