Democrats are Blind

As Portland burned, Democrats stood by and looked the other way. Gov. Kate Brown wouldn’t call in the National Guard for help because (her words) “That’s exactly what Donald Trump wants.”

Portland Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler announced to the mob that he will “stand with you no matter what.”

The Legislature, ruled by Democrats, and Brown further hamstrung the police through bills stuffed with “emergency” clauses.

As crime explodes in America’s major cities, Democrat mayors and city councils defund the police. In a Senate hearing on the violence, not a single Democrat on the committee would condemn the perpetrators. New York Democrat Congressman Jerry Nadler called the reports of violence “a myth.” Leftist media shills repeatedly claim the demonstrations have been “peaceful.”

Consumed with hatred for Trump, Democrats apparently feel that the unrest will help defeat him in November and no price is too great to pay. They are blind to the reality that these violent demonstrations have little to do with George Floyd. They are part of a well-organized, well-funded Marxist rebellion against America, as leaders and activists of the movement openly acknowledge.

That message may play well in the liberal enclaves of Eugene, Portland and Seattle but as we’ve seen in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Bethel, Ohio and now Springfield, Oregon, small town America isn’t going to stand for it. Kudos to the citizens in those communities!

Jerry Ritter


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