Police are Out of Control

On July 29, I witnessed the Black Unity protest march in the Thurston area of Springfield. The state of Oregon is absolutely right in investigating the illegal actions of the Springfield Police Department. Not only did the SPD actually surge the barrier that they themselves had set up, but they knowingly worked in concert with the counter protesters, many of whom were armed, unmasked and openly drinking alcohol.

 This is not behavior unique to SPD. It is nationwide. We need a national set of credentials for police. That needs to include having the Supreme Court look at the concept of “qualified immunity,” as there are no consequences for illegal behavior. We also need a national registry of police misconduct. Most of all, we need to curtail the undue influence of racist policies of the police fraternal organizations, and the police unions. This can only be done by local and state authorities. Until these things are addressed, we can expect more unrest from our BIPOC sisters and brothers. And I will be joining them. 

James Gibboney