What’s So Hard About ‘Black Lives Matter’?

I have been watching the protests with growing concern. On one side are people marching for equality and justice. On the other, I see people bringing guns, shields, rebar and bug spray. They claim “All Lives Matter,” but this is a false flag. In actuality they are here to bully the BLM movement. They are a patchwork collection of hate groups from all over Oregon trying their best to suppress the voices speaking out against racial inequality.

What is worse is it seems the police departments in Eugene and Springfield don’t mind their presence. The BLM protesters are getting sprayed with bug spray, punched in the face and jabbed with flag poles, and there have not been any arrests made. Even the local news seems to be suppressing the truth of what is happening. Why is it so hard for this community to hear the phrase “Black Lives Matter”? Such a simple truth, met with such a violent opposition.

Vince Casey


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