Trump Is Just A  Symptom Of The Rot

To Eugene Weekly’s Henry Houston and all the others who have Trump buyer’s remorse (“Leaving the Circus Tent,” 8-13): President Donald Trump is not the whole problem. He’s just the facade for the conservative party turned white supremicist fascist clan. Good people on both sides? Asylum seekers are dangerous hordes, etc.?

I think we know by now what the undocumented conversations between Trump, Republican leaders and Putin consist of. Just look at what has transpired and the state of our country. We’re being played by not an evil genius but by just Evil. Trump and his fellow criminals here and abroad know exactly what they’re doing.

Trump has exposed our rule of law as a joke; can you defy a subpoena? The Democrats rightly impeached him. They did their job. It is way past time to stop apologizing and opining about this “aberration” and throw him and the criminal element in the Republican party out! 

Let’s get our two parties back and fight for free and fair elections. This is not Russia.

Just think, if Barack Obama received the Nobel peace prize after W. put America in the ditch, can you imagine what the world will bestow on Biden?

Annie Kayner


 EW reporter Henry Houston replies: “You can’t have buyer’s remorse for something you didn’t buy.”

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