Vote Early To Be Counted

Again, President Donald Trump is traitorously sabotaging the American Constitution. This time, the destruction extends into the U.S. Postal Service and onto Eugene’s streets (reportedly 27 post boxes removed). He’s disabling the mail to suppress the vote.

We the people can stop this attempted voter suppression in Oregon, America’s first state instituting universal vote by mail. How? Vote and vote early. Remind family and friends to vote.

Ballots are sent out Oct. 15. A list of Lane County’s ballot drop boxes is enclosed. Vote and return your signed ballot immediately or, at least, early. You also can mail your ballot in USPS mailboxes (leave one week minimum) or drop it at Lane County Elections, 275 W. 10th Ave.

Military and other overseas citizen residents must apply ASAP for absentee ballots. They’re sent 45 days before the election.

Ballots must be returned by 8 pm Nov. 3; postmark date is meaningless. To check your ballot status online, search “My Vote Oregon.”

Questions? Disabled voter who’d benefit from accommodation? Call Lane County Elections 541-682-4234.

David Atman


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