WOW Us With New Leaders

Over my many years of organizing, observing and participating in elections as an officer for political committees and a board member of numerous nonprofits, I have never seen such outrageous election interference as occurred prior to and during the Aug. 9 CCPA/WOW Hall annual membership meeting to elect a new board.

This interference was done by two WOW Hall staffers who have a financial stake in the outcome of the election! In any competent organization, these staffers would have been precluded from any role in the election process due to their clear conflict of interest. 

The interference included withholding of legible or complete membership lists despite repeated requests from a current board member, disruption of EZVote testing prior to the election, outright lying about staffers’ preparation for the vote, qualifying people to vote who were not on the membership list and election day tactics that effectively precluded a vote. There were constant interruptions, emotional outburst and talking over time limits by those staffers and others clearly hostile to a fair election as previously agreed between the current board and the Friends of WOW Hall.

This outrageous election interference is an urgent reason why the current board needs to be replaced with competent members dedicated to the preservation of the WOW Hall for use by the community at large. To help achieve this goal, please visit and vote for new board members at the next election.

Trisha Driscoll

Friends of WOW Hall