Good Deeds You Can Do This Fall

Remember that heart-sinking feeling after the 2016 election for president? If there was just one thing, you probably thought in December 2016, that we could have done to prevent The Donald from being president. That damage is ongoing, but we have time this year for you to act to prevent more catastrophe.

Here are a few things to do: 1. Give money to the Biden campaign. 2. Call the Democratic Party of Lane County and volunteer; their phone number is 541-484-5099. 3. Make a plan to vote, and vote like your life depends on it, because this year it does. 4. Drop off your ballot as soon as you’ve voted. 5. If you don’t have your ballot by Oct. 20, call Lane County Elections at 541-682-4234 to find out what you need to do to vote. 6. Get your friends to vote. 7. Consider my suggestions for candidates and state ballot measures.

My suggestions are: President: Joe Biden; vice president: Kamala Harris; senator: Jeff Merkley; representative in Congress: Peter DeFazio; attorney general: Ellen Rosenblum; south Eugene Commissioner: Laurie Trieger; Ballot Measure 107: Yes for fair and honest elections; and Ballot Measure 110: Yes, for drug policies that shift the emphasis toward health and away from punishment.

This letter was submitted in my personal capacity.

Pete Sorenson

Lane County Commissioner


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