Shame On The Register-Guard

“Inept media” best describes how The Register-Guard has spiraled downward to the depths of sophomoric journalism. I find it disgusting, disappointing and depressing that when our democracy is under grave threat that in its Sunday issue (8-30) the home-delivered newspaper best suited for the bottom of a bird cage or wrapping fish woefully failed to report on the night-before protest killing in Portland and the previous day’s basketball playoff scores (i.e., Portland Trailblazers).

Such poor reporting is beyond unconscionable and irresponsible; it is to me a downright rip-off of the money I pay for home delivery. No more! Hell, this news was all over the internet Saturday night, but in its corporate profit mindset the RG had its Sunday paper printed and ready for delivery days previous, you know old news so as to save a few pennies.

Clearly the RG is in a crisis facing both insignificance for local and state coverage and being viewed as a source of relevant and timely information; clearly it no longer is. From now on I get my news from the internet, Eugene Weekly and television, not the third-rate newspaper that the RG has apparently taken it upon itself to become.

James Houston


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