UO Values Money Over Students

Once again the University of Oregon has made it quite clear where its values and priorities are. This is yet another continuation of their responses to such issues as campus sexual assault. Once again they have shown that their priority is to keep the money flowing in rather than watch out for the health and safety of the students. 

In announcing the closing of most on-campus learning the university did the right thing, but by encouraging students, particularly freshmen, to come to campus to experience college life, they have essentially said that they are willing to have the virus spread throughout not only the campus area but the entire community.

The university has stated that if those who try to get out of their dorm contracts do not stay the entirety of the academic school year, then they will still have to pay the full amount of their contract.

I was a chef cooking for students for 15 years at both OSU and the UO. I well know how the students will socialize when they return. There will be large parties, no masks and no social distancing. This will negate the paltry steps that the dorms, Greek houses and the campus itself are taking to ensure the communities safety.

I call on concerned members of this community to call and write to the university and express their displeasure with this decision to bring back the students until COVID-19 is under control.

Neil Burton


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