Walk Away From Street Protests

You who are out in the streets nightly, rightly protesting the wanton murder of Black people by American police: Your anger is righteous. You bring much attention. You done good!

But right now our house is on fire. Can’t fix a house that’s burned to the ground. 

Right now, you must get out of the streets. You must use your networks, your anger, your energy to mobilize the vote! 

The enemy is using your very justified anger against you. Who will they blame if you are not there? Who will they shoot? Can you imagine the effect if all authentic, non-violent protesters just walked away from the street, in one giant, coordinated effort? 

Like every gaslighter, abuser, manipulator, con man, sociopath and malignant narcissist that ever was, they twist the story and convince their minions that you are the problem. Do you want to be responsible for even one vote lost to the dark side? At this point in the abusive relationship, you must walk away to survive for now. Regroup, restrategize and, in this case, help people vote safely. Help make sure their votes count. 

There is a time for direct action; there is a time for behind the scenes work. Now is that time. Now we must vote. Then get back in that street.

Stephanie Songchild