Don’t Vote In Another Incompetent

In January 2021, Rep. Peter DeFazio will continue as powerful chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. He will be aided by a Senate majority and a White House that agree with his viewpoints: Improved health care, successfully combating the COVID-19 virus, respect for the environment and international cooperation on climate change. Plus: decency and competence in performing his duties.

But first, he faces a young man who in 2015 helped two others to subdue a terrorist on a train in France. Their commendable act has led Alek Skarlatos to seek to replace DeFazio as our representative for Oregon District 4. What other accomplishments does Skarlatos offer besides Donald Trump’s blessing? Improved health care, vanquishing the virus? Certainly not any experience with government office or the intricate process of getting things done in D.C. 

We see now the folly of electing to high office someone utterly inexperienced and spectacularly unqualified. Trump’s “swamp” has become a cesspool of grifters, wealthy but unqualified for the jobs they got because they praised Trump. For the latest consequence of such incompetence, consider the new head of our U.S. Postal Service. 

Keep Pete DeFazio as our representative! 

John S. Reynolds