EPD Endorses Street Vigilantism 

After terrorist Kyle Rittenhouse committed several murders in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the EPD Facebook page mentioned that if an officer is in danger, and a citizen wants to help, that citizen can and should help as long as the officer is OK with it.

The lack of clarity in their commentary implies that if a police officer is doing something illegal (brutally gunning down people of color, for example) it is perfectly legal for any citizen to do illegal stuff with that police officer.

In times like this, when the true brutality of the police force is being exposed, you’d think the EPD would learn how to write less ambiguously. It’s literally their job to be able to write this stuff down, and they write less proficiently than drunken third-graders. It’s unfortunate the garbage that works for this town.

I would make sure that the cops working for me at least know how to communicate, because it seems like a cop who speaks/writes gibberish for a living is a useless individual indeed.

Matthew Roy Cluver