Let’s Re-Fund The Library

Our public library gives excellent return on investment for the broadest segment of our community. A visit to the library provides a chance to see the whole beautiful array of Eugeneans. Whatever else we have to trim from the budget, it shouldn’t be library services.

Near the doorways of the homes of my clan, there’s always a box of library books ready for return. So devoted are even the youngest readers that we’ve lately had to institute a rule that you can’t bring a book to the table at dinnertime. (Breakfast is another matter.) The library’s closing during the early days of pandemic was a great loss, not just to our family of bookworms, but to all the families and friends we encounter there.

When all the other public entertainment spots close, a book is still a ship that can take us worlds away.

Renewing the library levy won’t add anything to our tax rates.

Just say “yes” to the Eugene Library levy.

Mary Leighton


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