Mask Up

Too many people only pretend to wear a mask. The virus is among us, so pitch in and do what only you can do to help. Wearing your mask down around your chin, using a mask that won’t stay up, or draping a hairnet over your beard is not helping us beat this thing. May as well put it in your pocket as on your face.

If you’ve been hoarding that stack of N-95s for your next sanding project, it’s time to get the lead out and use them. N-95s stay up so you won’t have to touch your face every 15 seconds, and they keep the virus out. 

Yes, a mask will not make you look pretty — get over it. Yes, an N-95 is hot. Hot is better than dead, right? Someday the U.S. will finally figure out how to manufacture this simple and effective piece of technology (sigh) and everybody will get them.

Candy Davis

Cottage Grove

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