The Real Suckers And Losers

So now it has come to this. The president of the United States, Donald J. Trump, our nation’s commander in chief, has been publicly outed as the despicable coward he has been, and always will be.

To characterize our valiant military veterans — those who were wounded in battle or paid the ultimate price defending this country as “suckers and losers” — is simply incomprehensible. It is an insulting travesty and goes beyond the pale. This coming from one who dodged military service due to “bone spurs.”

That any sane person would utter such a heinous and despicable opinion defies any sense of common decency and respect for those who sacrificed so much.

Sadly, the real suckers and losers are those misguided souls who continue to pander to this shallow, callous individual. He has played his own party, his cabinet and his fervent supporters as fools — disposable pawns in his abhorrent, shameful game — and America as a whole is the real loser.

 He owes us so much more than an apology.

William Crutchfield