Vote Against Tyranny

Anyone who supports BLM must vote for Joe Biden. And don’t assume the privilege that you can “sit this one out because Oregon votes blue anyway.” Leave nothing to chance. Show the numbers. President Shithead must crash and burn by a large margin.

I’m a female BIPOC. I’m not a Democrat, hate our two-party system, and have voted third party for years. But this year I’m voting for Biden. He’s not perfect — who is? — but consider the alternative. Sure, I’d be happier if we had an AOC choice for every election, but we don’t. 

Ballots arrive in October. Don’t delay or lose them amidst other papers. Adopt a one-day turnaround. Deliver the completed ballot to a legal, safe drop box the next day. I’ve seen many “progressives” delay, telling themselves they’re researching the issues. Weeks pass, they’ve done no research, and end up voting the way they would have sans research anyway. Or worse — they miss the deadline.

Forget email. Now, without delay, begin calling relatives and friends to convince them to vote for Biden. If they’re onboard, tell them to spread the word. If they’re open, talk to them. If they wrangle, don’t waste your time — move on to the next. And don’t drain your energy arguing with throwbacks on Facebook. 

I know there are white people who think the U.S.’s current trajectory toward fascism won’t affect them. Don’t be naïve. If you’re not in the 1 percent, your white skin will not save you if hate-spewing Dictator Trump’s reign of terror continues.

Ramona Wise