Would someone please tell me which campaign promises Donald Trump made that have actually been kept?

He promised “great” infrastructure projects, but none have happened. He promised Mexico would pay for a wall, but instead we taxpayers are paying for it with funds allocated by congress for the military. He promised a new “great, beautiful” healthcare system; instead he’s tried to gut the ACA, the only system we have.

His trade war with China resulted in huge losses for many farmers and ranchers that we taxpayers have had to bail out instead. The manufacturing jobs never came back as promised, and the swamp he promised to drain has been filled with his billionaire cronies, many of whom have had to resign under a cloud of corruption or actually been indicted and convicted.

He promised a “great and beautiful” tax cut, which only made the wealthy wealthier and which increased the national debt greatly and beautifully instead. And then there was his delayed response to the pandemic and its resulting record shattering unemployment figures and financial ruin for so many citizens.

I don’t remember him promising to bring together or unite the country, which he certainly has not done.

Hal Huestis