A Young Hero 

Many heroes are emerging from stories of the fires and their aftermath. While his story ended in tragedy, 13-year-old Wyatt Tofte rises amongst these as a great hero for all times. We’ll never know exactly what happened in those harrowing moments of decision, action and fate, but we can guess and imagine.

As the world burned all around him, it is evident that Wyatt returned home to rescue his grandmother. I imagine that he refused to live in a world in which his grandmother died alone in the fire, and he did not let that happen. It is reported that he, his dog and his grandmother were found together in a car, Wyatt in the driver’s seat, evidently trying to ferry her to safety. Wyatt’s phenomenal courage, bravery and honor, and his indomitable love for his grandmother, are truly astonishing. Wyatt has joined the ranks of the greatest heroes of all times. Wyatt, I bow to you with the greatest humility, respect and admiration. My heart goes out to your parents and everyone who loves you. May their broken hearts be uplifted by the knowledge that they raised this amazing young man with a lion’s heart. They raised a true hero.

Jane Happy


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