Cops Should Protect The Environment

At protests I’ve never seen cops or military personnel as a group helping activists trying to protect our many invaluable sources of sustenance. From acts insignificant to those large scale, everything that we eat, wear or buy reflects our thinking and commitment towards our surroundings. The tragedy is that the most bellicose members of our society don’t even stay neutral. They receive orders that contradict obvious care that we should all exercise for nature (and our) survival.

Unfortunately for everybody, the might they have is used to defend polluters, animal/human abusers and companies that have gotten pretty good at selling stuff that is designed to fall apart right after warranty for the item expires.

The argument that the American police locally and the military worldwide “are just doing their job” can’t make right the unethical consequences that we all end up paying for. If you perceive a lot of red flags regarding a job, then don’t make it your career. 

Cops and the military are fertile territories for much criticism. They are however the part of modern society that could prove most helpful if they stop collaborating with those getting rich by destroying every possible life form’s habitat for money. When we all, civilians, soldiers, and cops, take the fact seriously that everybody possesses a consciousness that we can listen to for guidance, we’ll stop making this planet into a desert, a dump, a poisonous minefield. Nobody known is perfect, what matters is the direction we choose to take.

David Ivan Piccioni