Donate To Good Candidates

We have about 40 days until the election, which has already started with early voting in some places. The pandemic and the fires and the flooding back east only remind us of our weak and racist healthcare system that’s under constant attack by the right and disgruntled, and of the need to re-prioritize our economy to address climate change front and center.

Armed insurgents want us to roll over in fear of their violent threats, while Republicans chaotically dismantle our common causes, including voting rights and environmental and judicial safeguards, all to make themselves feel powerful. What should we do, pace in front of our dying post offices every day promoting the need for change and the power of the vote? Sure, but I’ve also decided to donate to grassroot organizations for getting out the vote and championing minority rights and sacred causes in the hopes they will be more effective at this late hour than I can be alone. In addition, I plan to give for the same reason, even in some smallish way, to great candidates in tight races. has a comprehensive list. We can do this if we all commit to it!

Jack Cooper