Hold Trump Accountable

President Donald Trump’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration values a meat packer’s life at $142.86 through fines of $29,000 against JFB and Tyson Foods. With $66 billion incomes, they kept employees on production lines unprotected from COVID-19 while showing signs of infection. A total of 203 later died.

Trump spared the meat industry from lawsuits, declaring them essential with an executive order written by the meat industry. In contrast, Ronald Reagan fined packers $5 billion for similar malfeasance.

Tyson and JFB are accountable if consumers avoid their products, if investors unload stocks and bonds and if banks deny them loans.

On Nov. 3 Trump must be held accountable for the murderous COVID-19 spreading policies he sanctioned. Meanwhile, he exposes his followers to similar risks in packed, indoor rallies, and he does nothing to slow COVID-19 while flouting the advice of his own public health agencies. This is far from the leadership example our country needs.

Ethen Perkins