M5 Vibe. Photo by Chandlor Henderson.

M5 Vibe and Julian Outlaw

If you’re a fan of hip hop then come out to WildCraft Cider House on Sept. 26 for a show featuring M5 Vibe (pictured) and Julian Outlaw. M5 is a highly skilled veteran whose music is an exercise in healing and community. While he is new to pursuing music seriously, his passion and respect for the arts is reflected in his performances. You can enjoy his deep thoughts while enjoying a delicious cider, if you’re of age. Julian Outlaw’s energy and enthusiasm is unmatched, and he has been writing rhymes and recording since he was in the 4th grade. In addition to hip hop, he plays the trombone and the euphonium. His positive attitude is something that we all can appreciate in COVID-19 times, so just go out and enjoy some good hearted music. “The fact that you are still alive shows you are uniquely important to the world,” Outlaw says. “There are no straight lines to success, but always ‘Live Above Most Expectations.’”

M5 Vibe and Julian Outlaw perform 6:30 pm Saturday, Sept. 26, at Wildcraft Cider Works, 232 Lincoln St. Tickets start at $20.

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