GOP Leaders Shirking Their Job

Looking at the Holiday Farm Fire map, I want to shake Senate Republicans who walked out during climate talks and ask them why they aren’t doing more to protect my life. The outlines of the Holiday Farm Fire follow closely along the boundaries of privately managed forests. It is something everyone in this county should see.

I want to ask them who are you helping by remaining paralyzed and silent? If you are protecting jobs in the industry, there is no work when the forest burns down. Shorter clearcutting cycles rob the soil of minerals, endangering the forests and the careers built around them. 

If the government is meant to support well-being for most people, then Oregon officials, especially Senate Republicans, aren’t doing their jobs. The outdated Oregon forest practices are known to be the weakest of the Western states and do not account for watershed health or climate change. Failure of Oregon state elected officials to act or intervene with forest mismanagement is gross negligence and a dereliction of duty. 

Kerstin Britz


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