Skarlatos Knows Nothing

Alek Skarlatos, are you kidding?

Obviously, you know next to nothing about Congressman Peter DeFazio. When you were running around in diapers he was on the floor of Congress making your world a better place. He has worked tirelessly, keeping in touch with his constituents, speaking to all of us, helping us with our problems, having town hall meetings, keeping us informed, very present. You obviously know little of his track record.

What have you done? Your big claims about saving Social Security are ludicrous. Just how do you plan on doing this? Where is your track record about doing anything? Writing, acting and dancing are nice skills, but they hardly prepare one for law-making. I think you are taking too big a bite, Alex. Why not start with being a City Councilor and working with the people in your area to make change at the local level?

Your ads about Peter DeFazio are insulting and laughable. To call DeFazio mean and nasty is proof enough that people who are backing you are filling your young, inexperienced head with bubble gum.

I suggest you sit down with Peter DeFazio and have a face to face talk with him instead of bad mouthing him and showing your lack of information as well as respect. You will discover a man who knows his people and who works to make Oregon a better place.

Patrice Dotson


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