Use Your Vote Wisely

Re: Roger Monahan’s letter “Vote Your Values,” EW 9/10.

This is not your regular election, Roger, when you can dally around, be finicky like a refined wine tasting snob seeking the perfect bouquet. We face an election where one of the two competing candidates refuses to commit to accepting defeat if he loses. I would think that a massive win for the Biden/Harris ticket in the popular vote, something like three or four times what Hillary Clinton got in 2016, would make it a tad harder for a recalcitrant wannabe tyrant to contest an election even with the helping nudge of a new SCOTUS.

His misguided faithful, throwing a tantrum in the face of a highly improbable foul play of 6 or 7 million votes, would show really poor form. Finally it would, hopefully, put a final nail in the coffin of this outdated electoral college relic. Ramona [Wise]’s angle (“Vote Against Tyranny,” letters 9/10) is wise indeed. Think of your part in the popular vote, Roger. That’s the future! It should be massive! Oregon included.

Marco Elliott


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