Vote ‘Yes’ On Library Funding

When you send in your Nov. 3 ballot, remember to vote “yes” for renewal of the local option levy for public library services. These services have never been more important than they are right now. Even though visiting the downtown library or one of its branches has been limited due to the pandemic, many services have actually expanded since March. Digital services are up almost 75 percent. Nearly 1,000 new library cards have been issued.

Libraries are essential to student success. The renewal of the local option levy will maintain educational support for children, including homework help. It will preserve the 48 additional open hours weekly across all three library locations — downtown, Sheldon and Bethel. It will allow the library to maintain virtual programming, so crucial in these times.

A vote of “yes” to renew the local option levy will help the Eugene community recover more quickly from the effects of the pandemic. And all of these services will cost the typical Eugene taxpayer an average of $37 per year over a five-year period. What a deal!

Ellen Todras