Iboa Has What It Takes For Lane County

As a Lane County commissioner, Joel Iboa would not only contribute experience and commitment, but also bridge divisions in the county between generations, economic status and race.

Joel has demonstrated strong leadership as the chair of both the Eugene Human Rights Commission and the Oregon Environmental Justice Task Force. As manager of the One Oregon Coalition, he has led efforts to promote immigrant justice. He understands the health effects of environmental toxins through his work with Beyond Toxics. In my work with the Oregon Pediatric Society and with the Immigrant Integration Network of Lane County, Iboa has provided invaluable information and advice. 

Through his lived experience growing up in Eugene as a son of immigrants, he understands issues of immigrants and their children. His family has known poverty and, through education, overcome barriers. I cared for Iboa during a life-threatening infection when he was 12 years old. Overcoming the infection and subsequent permanent hip damage has given him a maturity beyond his years and a deep empathy for the many Oregonians who live with disabilities. 

Iboa’s work and life experience give him the ability and motivation to find solutions for the diverse needs of our community. 

Lauren Herbert, M.D.


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