Kashinsky Will Represent All Of Us

After listening to Eliza Kashinsky’s interview on KLCC, sponsored by the City Club of Eugene, it is clear to me that she is by far the best candidate to represent Ward 1 on the City Council.

Her compassionate and practical approach to problems confronting our city, in particular issues regarding the unhoused, is what is desperately needed by our community. This is a candidate who has demonstrated ability to achieve consensus, to listen to the viewpoints of all the stakeholders involved and to implement policies to achieve common goals. She shows an excellent knowledge of issues, policies and approaches. I believe that she will be the best candidate to bring people together and move forward to solve important problems facing our community.

Her experience as a human resource manager at South Lane Mental Health, her management experience with multiple nonprofit organizations and her participation on the City Budget Committee for the past three years have served to prepare her for the role of city councilor. She is truly a candidate who will represent all of us. I would encourage you to listen to her interview on the KLCC website.  Please join me in supporting this outstanding candidate.

Jean Ann Edsall


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