Misogyny Creeping Out

I’m probably just being a sleepy, old white guy finally seeing what others have long realized, but recent events have given me the strong impression that vehement misogyny is stepping way out from the dark shadows.

Yeah, I was pretty sure I recognized it in the bulging neck veins and spittle accompanying the “lock her up” and “send her back” exhortations. That sense was reinforced when I heard a couple unprogressive acquaintances describe the speaker of the House as a “f—— bitch.” Then I saw two stickers on the rear view window of a heavy duty Dodge Ram where a young boy is portrayed peeing on the words “Kate Brown” and another on the words “Nancy Pelosi.” Now we got 13 rednecks plotting to kidnap and try a sitting female governor.

But then again, maybe I’m just being one of those irritating little snowflakes.

Dan Dizney


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