Happy For Semple

As former chair of the Jefferson Westside Neighbors (JWN), I heartily endorse City Councilor Emily Semple for re-election in Ward 1. Semple is hardworking, honest, compassionate and transparent. She meets regularly with the JWN leadership team and attends neighborhood meetings in an effort to educate herself on the needs and priorities of her constituents. She listens deeply and cares about all citizens.

As a neighborhood leader I had many encounters with her opponent, Eliza Kashinsky In my experience, Kashinsky is divisive, difficult to work with, a poor listener and interested only in her agenda. A recent east coast transplant with a top down outlook on leadership, Kashinsky thinks that she knows what is best despite what others may think. She has shown little respect for the prior work of her long-term neighbors, making a determined effort to abolish zoning changes enacted through a robust community effort. Further, she has publicly stated that neighborhood associations should be disbanded. Kashinsky clearly does not respect the will of the people, which is very undemocratic. Most damning of all, campaign contributions to support Kashinsky are currently under investigation by the Oregon Department of Justice.

Ward 1 voters should re-elect Emily Semple. 

Tom Happy