Strangest Things Haunted Farm

If you like scary movies, then you will love the Strangest Things Haunted Farm at Johnson’s Vegetable Farm. You are immediately greeted by bloody sheets at Murder Row, and from there swept away into several spooky areas. Staffed by highly skilled volunteers, many of whom are of high school age, you will have encounters with Babadook, Regan MacNeil from The Exorcist, some creepy Whitewalkers from Game of Thrones and many more scary characters. “It takes about 35 minutes to get through,” says Kalin Howard, owner of the Haunted Farm. The corn maze they have built is legitimately creepy, and expertly built by some of the volunteers. During this haunt you will encounter several high-end props and budding actors, and be a part of a loving, fun community, which is very needed and appreciated in COVID times. “The idea is to make the haunt look as creepy and eerie as possible. We want it to look like you’re trapped in a horror movie,” Howard says. 

The Strangest Things Haunted Farm is open Thursday through Saturdays 8 to11 pm, and entry is $19. Johnson’s Vegetable Farm is located at 89733 Armitage Road. The farm also hosts a less scary family fun event featuring a tractor ride and pumpkin toss, 9 am to 6 pm Monday through Saturday and 9 am to 5 pm Sunday. The hayrides are $8 each.

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