Vote Blue and for DeFazio, Too

With elections right around the corner, it’s a good time to discuss voting blue all the way down the ballot — especially re-electing Congressman Peter DeFazio.

Right now, we have a congressman who supports his constituents. If we elect DeFazio’s opponent, we’ll have a perfunctory congressman who cares most about a Republican agenda instead of one who fights for our health and safety.

Our frontline workers deserve a minimum wage that protects their ability to provide for themselves and their families. If Alek Skarlatos wins, we can say goodbye to fair pay for our dedicated frontline workers who continue to serve communities across Oregon. 

Skarlatos also wants to abolish the Affordable Care Act. Protections for pre-existing conditions would be a thing of the past. As a pawn of President Donald Trump, Skarlatos and the GOP will work to slash Social Security, affecting millions of Americans.

Is this an agenda or congressperson we want representing Oregon in D.C.?

Douglas County ruled Skarlatos unfit to serve as their county commissioner in 2018. Why would a failed politician be right for our district now? 

Remember: Help re-elect Congressman DeFazio when you vote.

Monte Goldbeck and
Cynthia Orlando 

Junction City