Endorsements at a Glance



Donald Trump / Michael Pence, Republican

✔️Joseph Biden / Kamala Harris, Democrat

Jo Jorgensen / Jeremy (Spike) Cohen, Libertarian

Howie Hawkins / Angela Walker, Pacific Green

Dario Hunter / Dawn Neptune Adams, Progressive



Jo Rae Perkins, Republican

✔️Jeff Merkley, Democrat, Independent, Working Families

Ibrahim Taher, Pacific Green, Progressive

Gary Dye, Libertarian

U.S. Representative, 4th District

Daniel Hoffay, Pacific Green

✔️Peter DeFazio, Democrat, Independent, Working Families

Alek Skarlatos, Republican


Oregon Secretary of State

✔️Shemia Fagan, D, WF

Kim Thatcher, R, I

Oregon State Treasurer

✔️Tobias Read, D

Jeff Gudman, R

Chris Henry, I, Progressive, Pacific Green

Oregon Attorney General

✔️Ellen Rosenblum, D, I, WF

Lars Hedbor, L

Michael Cross, R


✔️State Representative 7th District

Cedric Hayden, R 

✔️Jerry Samaniego, D

✔️State Representative 8th District

Timothy Aldal, R

✔️Paul Holvey, D, WF

Martha Sherwood, L

State Representative 11th District

✔️Marty Wilde, D

Katie Boshart Glaser, R

State Representative 12th District

Ruth Linoz, R 

✔️John Lively, D 

State Representative 13th District 

✔️Nancy Nathanson, D 

David J Smith, R 

State Representative 14th District

✔️Julie Fahey, D

Rich Cunningham, R

Statewide Measures

Measure 107

Limits political campaign contributions and expenditures. Yes.

Measure 108

Increases cigarette and cigar taxes, e-cigarette and vaping taxes. Yes.

Measure 109

Psilocybin. Yes. 

Measure 110

Statewide addiction/recovery services. Yes. 


Lane County Board of Commissioners

South Eugene, Position 3 

Joel Iboa

✔️Laurie Trieger

North Eugene Position 4

Pat Farr, unopposed


Eugene Mayor

✔️Lucy Vinis

Isiah Wagoner (write in campaign)

Eugene City Council

Ward 1

✔️Emily Semple

Eliza Kashinsky

Ward 2

✔️Matt Keating, unopposed

Ward 7

✔️Claire Syrett 

J. Hallie Roberts (write in campaign) 

Ward 8

✔️Randy Groves, unopposed

City of Springfield

Springfield City Council 

Ward 3

✔️Johanis Tadeo

Kori Rodley

Local Levies

Measure 20-309

Eugene Public Library five year local-option levy. Yes. 

Measure 20-311

Springfield Fire and Life Safety Levy. Yes.

Measure 20-312 

Upper Willamette Soil and Water Conservation District, Oregon Permanent Tax Rate Limit. Yes.

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