Iboa Couldn’t Know About Endorsement

On Oct. 13, voters received a campaign mailer from Joel Iboa. It referred to Eugene Weekly’s endorsement of his candidacy, given in May. It was part of EW’s dual endorsement, reflecting the opinion shared by many who know both candidates: Two decent people are running for Position 3 on the county commission. The key question for voters is, which candidate is a better fit for the needs of the county? On Oct. 15, EW published its single endorsement of Iboa’s opponent. Until Oct. 15, no one knew who would get that endorsement. Those who are taking the time to vet the candidates know that Iboa doesn’t need misstatements to help his campaign. He is an honest, smart, competent and hardworking member of our community.

Let’s not waste our time claiming deliberate misleading when the truth resides in a pair of production timelines that crossed inconveniently, and neither candidate had prior notice of the final endorsement decision until we all knew. As we read in the 10/22 Slant, we should “count ourselves lucky that we have so many great progressive candidates in local elections.” Joel Iboa is one.

Mary Leighton


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