Mask Up, Dummies

This letter goes out to all the people who don’t wear masks. If we would have all worn masks this ordeal would have been over. I’ve been staying in my home since March 13.

And when I hear there are still people who don’t care about others, who don’t wear masks to make some sort of statement: You are selfish and don’t care about people like me who have multiple sclerosis, who have a compromised immune system. This COVID could kill me, and you are reckless and endangering me.

 I want to come out of my house and have a life, but people like you don’t give a damn. This gets personal, I know you are out there going places, doing things, but I am stuck in my house. Why don’t you care about people like me? Why don’t you care about spreading the virus? You could test positive for the virus but not feel sick.

If you want to infect your family, kids, grandparents, parents, then you have every right to. But you don’t have the right to kill me. 

Wear the friggin masks, people. It could save my life.

Diane DeVillers