Biden Will Sell Us Out

President-elect Joe Biden said Trump has “given up’ on COVID and “raised the white flag.” Biden astoundingly has never heard of Operation Warp Speed.

Biden said he is going to “save the climate.” Politicians are known for making promises they never keep, but this one takes the cake. Biden can’t say, and will never say, that overpopulation is the planet’s gravest threat because everyone knows where all the new mouths to feed are coming from.

Large and small businesses are struggling to survive the pandemic. Nike is laying off 400 people. Biden’s solution? Raise their taxes.

Even with his personality deficits, one of the most effective presidents in American history has just been turned out of office. In trade and foreign relations Trump has done everything possible to eliminate policies unfair to American taxpayers and business. Rep. Peter DeFazio has been railing against NAFTA for decades. Who got rid of it? After pulling out of WHO, the head of the organization promptly admitted they “had work to do.” Trump wanted to “wipe the drug cartels off the map,” but the president of Mexico said no, a hug is better. It will now be easier than ever to flood our country with deadly drugs.

Biden will sell us out globally and if you work, want to work, own a business, own property, and pay taxes your nightmare has just begun. What liberals have done to California — a state millions of productive people are fleeing — Biden will try to do to America. It won’t work.

Greg Williams