Let’s All Stay In Shape

Due largely to President Donald Trump’s mishandling and exacerbating the COVID crisis, many businesses across America are on life-support — if they can find it. Small, locally owned operations, such as gyms and restaurants that serve customers indoors, have been particularly hard hit.

There’s bitter irony in the realization that, say, dropping our membership in the gym we go to to stay fit, because of fear of infection, may lead to the demise of the business and in turn a decline in our own fitness and health. It doesn’t have to be this way. As one example, my gym, In Shape on Willamette, has taken extraordinary precautions with disinfectants, spacing and mandatory masking, and as a result may be freer of any potential transmission than it was pre-COVIOD.

Locally owned gyms, restaurants and shops are the foundation of an ecologically sound economy and sustainable — when we don’t abandon them. If you have a gym membership consider continuing your monthly or yearly payment and increasing it if you’re able, even if you’ve decided to take a hiatus during the pandemic.

Better, come back and work out with your fellow members in conditions likely safer than shopping at your favorite grocery. After you’re done, reward yourself with a bite to eat at a restaurant, cafe or food cart. You’ll not only feel healthier, you’ll feel good about the contribution you’ve made to your community.

Robert Emmons

Fall Creek