Help Your Favorite Bar or Restaurant

Hey, you bright and talented kids that are working for those great businesses out there: I’m very proud to live in Lane County and to see how much you all love our towns here in Lane County. I’m going to ask you all a favor. Right now there are many great restaurants and bars that you all go to regularly. Some are doing take-out service during the pandemic, which means they are all not doing so well financially. and their staff have been cut back very severely.

Well, here is my wish: Please donate whatever you can to your favorite restaurant and/or your favorite bar to help them get through these tough times. Also, try to get the name of your favorite server and musician and give what you can. Many of my friends, who love serving you out there that work in the service industry, are losing their cars, phones and homes because of being out of work. Thank you all for your kindness and concern.

Paul J. Biondi


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