Dear Gov. Brown: I Can’t Afford To Move In

My name is Michael Fiore Jr. I have cerebral palsy and am confined to a wheelchair. I have a steady income. I came up here on the train to escape the wildfires. I wanted to move into an apartment in the Portland area but the Holiday Farm fire left me here.

I have a steady income but I cannot find housing that is ADA compliant that doesn’t demand three times the rent in move-in fees. I have a good rental record but I am stranded here. I have been living on the streets in a wheelchair during this pandemic since September.

Once I get into housing, I will have no problem paying monthly rent. The application fees, the security deposit, cleaning deposit and other fees are keeping me and good people like me on the streets. 

This is a national emergency and it is now winter. I am afraid for my life. Please put a temporary stop to move-in fees so I can be safe.

Michael Fiore Jr.


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