Destroying The Homeless

I camp under the bike bridge where Hwy 99 crosses over the railroad tracks at Roosevelt.

I bagged up my belongings except a food box of canned foods, a small box of dentist tools and a new backpack with a couple of expensive hand tools.

I already had removed every speck of trash on our hill site.

Before they clean up, a worker goes through and steals cans and bottles. Actually, everything of value is stolen.

Your workers claim that my two cardboard boxes contained food. One did — canned food. The other didn’t. The expensive new backpack and hand tools just disappeared.

Me and my partner were away at the time (five minutes) it took to steal my valuables. I waited seven days to go claim my valuables and showed up with the notice and inventory number to be told that all my stuff was perishable food and had been disposed of. Everybody else except me knew that nothing of value would be returned.

I’m sending this to Eugene Weekly as a letter. In another 10 days Medicare will replace my three heart meds. Until then I can’t do anything but ride the bus or pay full price ($40). I have congestive heart failure, and you threw away all three meds.

Brian Benner


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