See The Fire Area Virtually

The 11/19 Slant column’s suggestion that people with the time drive up the McKenzie “to experience the dark destruction left by the Holiday Farm Fire” included a thoughtful reminder to respect the privacy of the residents as well as their grief over the destruction of their community.

There is a better way to both have the experience and respect the privacy of the residents without contributing to the congestion, interfering with the cleanup efforts or creating a safety hazard for yourself or others. The five-minute video at was created by Jeff Robinson as part of a Rotary Club of Eugene Fire Relief Fund project. The video is sobering but beautifully done and will help the viewer “experience the dark destruction,” and to more fully comprehend the magnitude and randomness of the devastation. I recommend watching the video rather than driving up Highway 126, especially with winter driving conditions upon us — even if you do have time for the drive.

Robert Laney

Pleasant Hill

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