A Sadistic City Council

Seeing a bulldozer idling over a tent, I’m outraged once again by the Eugene City Council. Right now, the council refuses to supply trash service to unhoused survival communities in Eugene. Instead, at great expense, police, hazmat, and bulldozers, clear camps in sweeps.

Clair Syrett writes, the City Council does not provide trash service for residents and businesses in Eugene. Residents pay for “trash service” themselves. She cites that some residents “feel frustrated when unhoused people receive trash service for free when they must pay for it.” 

Oh, the humanity!

How about the pyramid schemes of MUPTE, $30 million to Riverfront, Trump Opportunity Zones and urban renewal? Fair? 

But that is not why Council won’t provide a money saving service. A trash service for survival communities would undermine Council’s ability to use trash as a trigger in their complaint-driven system, setting in motion the traumatizing relocation of women, children and men. That’s our tax dollars paying for extremes in traumatizing violence.

The city of Eugene will not allow a trash service provided by even community members. The city will not allow for managed and hygienic camps. Let’s stop kidding ourselves. The exchange today, as in 1840, is violence for wealth. The story continues. 

Morally repugnant outcomes we have by historic design: torture, sickness and death in exchange for higher land values for a few. 

It’s become harder for me to see the City Council as anything but a group of willfully obtuse, sociopathic, sadists, the stakeholders henchmen. Primaries May 2022.

Otis Haschemeyer


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